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An App a day will drain your money away.

A Blond girl told to her friend "my uncle gave me an iphone, but i returned it back to him.

Friend: Why stupid?

Blond: Me stupid. You stupid. It doesn't have keypad. How i will operate it.

When will they release oPhone?

Why like that?

A, E, I, O, U – there are 5 vowels. Already they have invented A phone, then there is E

phone, Currently iPhone. So the next must be oPhone no?

Peter wanted to call iPhone information center.

He dialed a wrong number and started to speak Hello, is this iPhone...

On the other end: This is not I Phone. This is my phone. Cut.

Sir this is not a hit and run case.

Why you say so?

According to his last facebook message, he posted "I am walking on the...."

Then the next message after 20 minutes say "Now in the ER", this should have posted by the paramedic or by the ER staff using his iPhone. Means this guy was walking on the road posting message to FaceBook with out looking the incoming traffic.

Son to father, Dad I made a silly mistake.

Father: what?

Son: I should have asked you to settle my monthly phone bills instead of asking you to buy the iPhone 4S.

Principal was passing a class room where students were rounding a student and looking something. He was curios and he too went and looked where the center student was displaying his iPhone 4 and others were looking. Principal looked at the boy and asked "what is this?" iPhone, sir answered the student. Principal a trained English teacher, said to the boy, "say my phone and not I phone, use English properly" and he left. But still the principal is wondering why all the students laughed behind him when he left that place.

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