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iPhone is a very sophisticated, sensitive and expensive gadget which needs utmost care when handling it or using it any time.

Dropping it will cause not only external damage but also may cause internal damages too, which can lead to high cost of service and repair.

Exposing the iPhone 6 to extreme heat, freezing cold, mist, rain and dropping it in to water or liquids may affect its normal functions or may make it permanently damaged.

If you happened to drop your iPhone in to water or any kind of liquid, don't try to switch on your iPhone as it will cause more damage to the gadget. Also if your iPhone becomes extremely hot immediately stop it and don't try to start again. Send it to your authorized technician as soon as possible.

Broken Glass-Digitizer or touch control is not working?

You can simply replace it with the desired color like Black, White, Yellow, Green, Gold, Baby Blue, Pink, Metallic Purple - Silver - Red - Blue, Clear White and Clear Black.

Failure of the charger port or dock connector of the iPhone.

How to detect that your device is having problem with the charger port or dock connector?

If there is any trouble, then you will be unable to charge or Sync it to iTunes.

Home button may not function properly.

External Speaker can be heard when making phone calls.

Weak Wi-Fi Signals.

In this case you must replace the charger port or dock connector with a new one by an authorized personal.

Visit this page later for more information.

Other major malfunctions with the iPhone are as follows.

Replacement of Cracked screen, Back Glass, Power IC, Home Key, Camera, Battery, Microphone, Speaker, Proximity Sensor, Bezel and Head Phone port.

Issues with Charging Port, Switch on button, device heating, screen Color change.

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