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Time to Unlock your iPhone 6 starts [Read More]

Unlocked iPhone is actually a contract free and it is not locked with any carrier where you have to pay monthly commitment or a monthly plan set by the carrier. You have to choose a suitable carrier to support your iPhone. You must take note that these factory unlocked iPhone will work only with GSM supported networks only with their designer SIM card. The SIM card is different for the iPhone and iPad and can't be inter-changed.

Where to buy unlocked iPhone?
Select the iPhone model and memory capacity that you want from the available iPhone in the Apple store of your country. The Apple Store rules don't allow you to order from another country to purchase and transfer the device to your country. There are 3 models of iPhone with the many different color selections as Black or White and the memory capacity with 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models. After the latest iPhone 5S launching people are fond of the gold color. If you like to have a gold color one you have to make order online and have to wait for the shipment to arrive.

Free shipping is available inside of the USA. It is very easy to order and get it by mail service. Select your model and pay the amount online with your credit or debit card and wait for it to arrive at your door step.

Of this touch-screen Smartphone the latest iPhone is the one much adored by people all over the world for its fingerprint identity sensor, voice recognizing lady assistant Siri and for the Apps that are preloaded inside of it.

The advantage of this unlocked contract free iPhone is for those people who travel abroad a lot. If you have a locked SIM with the local carrier you have to go for the roaming mode while you are visiting any foreign country, which is a costly one. With the unlocked version you can buy a new GSM supported SIM and can use it with the local tariff plan.

You can select any supported GSM network get their SIM card and insert it in your iPhone and then press the on button for little time and the iPhone will give you instruction in the screen on how to activate the new service.

iPhone 4SHere are the suggested prices of the iPhone models, which are unlocked and contract free.

iPhone 5S
16GB US$ 649
32GB US$ 749
64GB US$ 849

iPhone 5C
16GB US$ 549
32GB US$ 649

iPhone 4S Unlocked 8GB US$ 450
iPhone 4S - Unlocked (GSM) - 32GB $749.00
iPhone 4S - Unlocked (GSM) - 64GB $849.00

Officially Unlocked iPhone available country List
Czech Republic
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
United Arab Emirates